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Shademaker Umbrellas

Combining outdoor fashion with environmental performance, patio umbrellas from Shademaker are the apex of shade design. From the finest restaurants and resorts to country clubs around the world, Shademaker offers a range of products that's known for functionality, style, innovation and superior craftsmanship. With a brawny nautical flair, these umbrellas are known for their high wind resistance and robustness. Exceeding your expectations, superior aluminum alloy, silver anodized finishes, heavy-duty rib wall, mast thickness and high performance fabrics are some of the highlights of Shademaker brand. Browse through the entire collection and you are sure to find the ideal combination of style, innovation, and quality you seek.

The Shademaker Patio Umbrella collection includes: 

Galaxy: Giant of all side post styles with superior design and durability. Made to the highest possible standards with marine-grade components, strong anodized aluminum frames and stainless steel fittings. Whether you want to place them in tough coastal or commercial environments or in your backyards, they will withstand the elements.

Orion: Ideal for most commercial applications, Orion will amaze you with easily detachable storage and 360° rotation. Creating a hassle-free experience, it gives 100% UV protection and is engineered for performance.

Polaris: The latest release combines a unique tilting function and 360° rotation. Robust construction and ease of use make iit the perfect shade selection for commercial and residential use. 

Sirius: Versatility, offset style, tilting positions, 360 degree rotation, and rainbow of colors make the Sirius collection stand apart. Stainless steel hardware and simple crank lift system make this a natural for your backyard. 

Astral: This remarkable style is telescopic so when closed it will be above table height. A must for restaurant patios!

Libra: A smaller, flexible shade solution. Perfect workmanship together with durable construction is what makes the Libra series stand out among market style umbrellas. 

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