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FIM Umbrellas

The Fim brand of umbrellas is known for its combination of tradition and technology. Existing for more than 75 years, it exudes European style to your outdoor space that epitomizes the linear simplicity of true contemporary style.

Fim umbrellas are umbrellas with tradition behind them… Sturdy, elegant and attractive, it simply elevates the style quotient of your outdoor space precisely. Specializing in umbrellas for larger areas, FIM's commercial grade welded construction and extra canopy support allows greater peace of mind when a summer breeze turns into a summer wind. While there are several factors for customers buying them, the high level of quality and functionality are two predominant reasons for the brand's massive success. Helping you to keep your pool area shaded, the series of variety available will amaze you.

P-series: Fim umbrellas are the top pick for commercial patios and features sturdy cantilevered umbrella frame, all welded connections, crank opening system and much more. Over the years, Fim umbrellas are placed in a large number of commercial establishments across North America and around the world. With free standing offset base, Ground Insert Base and deck mount plate base options, whether you want smallest possible footprint or a plate bolted to an existing surface that is highly solid, you can enjoy having your own style of the base option fixed.

C-series: Ever since the inception of this series, it has been the best selling one. Loaded with excellent features, it is highly versatile and guarantees effortless opening and closing of the canopy. The umbrella is available in all fabric colors and to ensure maximum durability, all c-series umbrellas are powder coated in a textured peppercorn brown finish. With valances available at an up charge, you can pick the most suitable base option with this model series to have a great outlook.

Flexy series: Absolutely stunning contemporary shade structure, simple to use string operated closing and opening. Contemporary, clean, unique and sleek look pooled with commercial grade durability is what Flexy series is all about. Independent shade wings, dual post is what you can all expect from this elegant shade structure. Overall, it provides unobtrusive shade!

Experience what it means to own a modern classic patio umbrella, shop our range of FIM brand series and get ready to have some summer time fun!

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Flexy Series