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Flexy Series

Let not the blazing sun or a light rain shower hinder your outdoor plans. FIM Umbrella FLEXY-Series- perfect shading solution for larger lawn and garden spaces. Block harmful UV rays and stay sheltered with this streamlined creation that's absolutely perfect for expansive outdoor spaces.

Features: Rotating up to 180 degrees, Flexy series umbrellas features simple to use string operated closing and opening with backward and forward tilting canopy. All umbrellas features aluminum frame that's powder coated which means it ensures longevity. Best part of all is that, it can be tailored to fit your function and style needs. The obstructive middle pole elimination provides shade to a fairly large area in the outdoor setting while letting you have great intimacy.

Block harmful UV rays and stay sheltered from the blazing sun with Fim umbrella Flexy series. This streamlined creation is perfect for expansive outdoor spaces. Whether you sip your favorite drinks and savor lip smacking entrees all while under the shade. Browse through the Flexy series collection below.

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Flexy Series